1. Total Length – 2400mm

  2. Airframe Diameter – 102mm

  3. Lift-off Mass – 13.325kg

  4. Payload Mass – up to 1kg

  5. Apogee Altitude – 5.2km

  6. Time to Apogee (from launch) – 31.6s

  7. Maximum Acceleration – 14g

  8. Maximum Velocity – 491m/s (Mach 1.46)

  9. Motor Type – Solid Propellant

Skylark Nano is a single-stage, unguided supersonic rocket designed for simulating launch, and is recoverable by parachute. The rocket is powered by a solid fuel combustion engine and uses passively aerodynamic stabilisation through its four fins. This eliminates the need for a flight guidance system, making the launch as a whole cheaper, safer and simpler. 

Skylark Nano has attracted its fair share of headlines and articles, which has led to several enquiries from universities to utilise it as a research vessel. Skylark Nano is a simple to use option to gather atmospheric and launch data, with little prior launch experience required for its operation. Skyrora can provide all necessary technical support, if required.

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