1. Total Length – 3325mm

  2. Airframe Diameter – 100mm

  3. Lift-off Mass – 31.715kg

  4. Payload Mass – up to 1kg

  5. Apogee Altitude – 25.4km

  6. Time to Apogee (from launch) – 73s

  7. Maximum Acceleration – 16g

  8. Maximum Velocity – 866m/s (Mach 2.85)

  9. Motor Type – Solid Propellant

Skylark Micro is a two-stage supersonic rocket powered by solid rocket motors. It is an unguided vehicle, and uses passively aerodynamic stabilisation through its four fins, on each of the rocket’s stages. Its altitude and range are variable, determined on the flight angle attained upon leaving the launch rail.

Skylark Micro allows for the exposure of your payload to high g-forces and allows for safe recovery through the use of a parachute recovery system. It could also be used for gathering atmospheric and launch data, with a greater altitude than the Skylark Nano.

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