1. Total Length – 10870mm

  2. Airframe Diameter – 700mm

  3. Lift-off Mass – 2466kg

  4. Payload Mass – 50kg

  5. Apogee Altitude – 102km

  6. Time to Apogee (from launch) – 225s

  7. Maximum Acceleration – 3.7g

  8. Maximum Velocity – 1070m/s (Mach 3.5)

  9. Motor Type – Liquid Propellants

Skylark L is a guided single-stage suborbital launch vehicle. It utilises a helium, pressure-fed system with an environmentally friendly propellant mix. Through the use of high-concentration hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and kerosene, it only produces water, hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide (CO2) from the reaction. The use of plastic-derived kerosene further limits the environmental impact of launch.

We use advanced polymer composites during the manufacture of the vehicle, in addition to cutting-edge 3D printing techniques to produce critical propulsion systems.

Skylark L allows for the testing of larger payloads to microgravity conditions, with a total of over 3 minutes above the Karman line. Following successful launch and apogee, the payload is recoverable through the use of our parachute recovery system. 

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