1. Total Length – 6270mm

  2. Airframe Diameter – 195mm

  3. Lift-off Mass – 145.5kg

  4. Payload Mass – up to 2kg

  5. Apogee Altitude – 100km

  6. Time to Apogee (from launch) – 180s

  7. Maximum Acceleration – 6.2g

  8. Maximum Velocity – 1120m/s (Mach 3.7)

  9. Motor Type – Solid and Liquid Propellants

SkyHy is a two-stage hybrid suborbital launch vehicle. It utilises a combination of solid Hydroxyl Terminated Polybutadiene (HTPB) fuel and high-concentration Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) oxidiser. It uses passive aerodynamic stabilisation through its four fins on both stages. Each stage also uses a helium pressure feed system.

It allows the testing of up to 2kg of payload in a high g-force environment and experiences microgravity conditions upon its apogee. The vehicle can be used to test a multitude of other items, from thermal protection coating to onboard telemetry components and research apparatuses to investigate the Earth’s magnetic field. A parachute recovery system allows for the safe recovery of both stages, of the vehicle.

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