Successful Test Firing of 3.5 Kilonewton Engine

Skyrora successfully test fired their third-stage engine, named Leo, for the first time in Cornwall on Wednesday 24th July and for the second time at a public test with school students and local partners on Friday 26th July. This is the first commercially fully 3D-printed bi-liquid rocket engine to be tested in the UK. The Leo engine is capable of producing a thrust of 3.5 kilonewtons and will be placed in the third stage of our orbital vehicle, Skyrora XL.

In addition, the Leo engine has a unique ‘stop-start’ feature which means that the orbital vehicle is able to transport several satellites and still offer each of these access to their unique desired orbit. While Skyrora have been fortunate to have a strong partnership with Spaceport Cornwall and have access to the engine testing facilities at Newquay Airport, they soon hope to establish their own engine testing facility in Scotland. Following on from the successful testing of the Leo engine, Skyrora have announced that they soon hope to begin testing of the more powerful 3-ton thrust 3D printed engine.

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