STEM Update

Engaging with and inspiring the next generation to pursue careers in STEM subjects is one of Skyrora’s key corporate values. There is a significant skills gap developing in the UK in the aerospace sector, with the UK on the verge of becoming a launch nation once again, we have recognised that it is critical to address this and increase engagement in STEM subjects. For this reason, we have a newly established Corporate Responsibility Manager who, along with making changes to ensure Skyrora operate in an ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, she is responsible for our STEM outreach work.

From July 2017 to the present day, Skyrora have invested more than £500,000 into STEM related work and projects. The most prominent examples of the activities conducted by Skyrora to date include: returning Black Arrow to the UK and the use of this vehicle for outreach and education programmes, gold sponsorship at the UKSEDS National Student Space Conference; 2-day event with troops of girl guides, brownies and rainbows in Wales to help them achieve the coveted Space Badge; visits and partnerships with several universities; participation in the National Space Academy symposium.

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