Space 19+ and developing the National Space Programme

Skyrora's senior management team were represented by Daniel Smith and Oleg Dmitriev for a gathering in Edinburgh University titled, "The UK space sector – Preparing for Space 19+ and developing the National Space Programme". The UK is a founding member of the European Space Agency (ESA) which is a powerful driver of growth for our thriving space sector. The UK is committed to continuing collaboration in Europe on research and development, and our cooperation through ESA gives us access to research and innovation output each year. The UK Space Agency hopes to sustain this investment at the next ESA Ministerial Council, called ‘Space19+’, which will be held in November 2019. As the UK government prepares for Space19+ this meeting was an opportunity to consult with stakeholders and discuss the sector priorities, especially around how ESA funding should be set to best support the UK space sector.

Separately, the UK Space Agency is supporting the Sector-led Space Growth Partnership to develop an action plan to accelerate the growth and international competitiveness of the UK’s Space Sector. this was another item for the agenda on the day to be discussed by participants, which included the Scottish Space Leadership Council.

The Space Growth Partnership comprises the UK Space Trade Association, Academia, the UK Space Agency, Satellite Applications Catapult, InnovateUK and the Department for International Trade. It reports to the Space Sector Council, the sector’s highest-level forum for developing and governing its growth plans. The Space Growth Partnership published its blueprint for a Sector strategy, Prosperity from Space, in May 2018. This document reflects the changing environment faced by the sector, including strong worldwide growth in commercial space businesses, how it will maximise its contribution to the UK’s modern Industrial Strategy (particularly in contributions to the Grand Challenges and the new Digital Economy) and drive sector growth across the UK. Prosperity from Space set out a broad National growth agenda designed to build sector confidence and revenues regardless of exactly how the UK chooses to leave the EU.

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