Meeting with 'Space' Minister Chris Skidmore MP

Our Business Development Director, Daniel Smith, was invited by the UK Space Agency to meet with the Minister for Science and Universities - known in the industry as the 'Space Minister' - at Cornwall Airport Newquay. Although Skyrora would not be launching from Cornwall Spaceport, we have an ongoing relationship due to our engine testing presence there. In 2018, Skyrora announced our intention to test fire our upper stage 'LEO' engine at the airport facility where Bloodhound SSC had tested their supersonic car engine. Consequently, the Minister was keen to hear more about Skyrora's progress and intention to reinforce the UK space movement, while being particularly interested in the combined STEM activity that has resulted from the collaboration with the team at Spaceport Cornwall. Skyrora has worked with the Cornwall team to inspire and educate younger generations around the opportunities to enter the space sector and plan to continue to collaborate in this way for the long term.

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